Drive Audio: DeVito recites ‘An Ode to the G.O.A.T.’

By Mark Paulette,

A bit of background to begin…

Mike DeVito and I placed a wager on the AFC Championship Game. If the Chiefs won, I was going to dress head-to-toe in Chiefs gear and do a photo-shoot for our Facebook page, @DriveShowMaine (give it a like).

Unfortunately for Mike, Tom Brady and the Pats dramatically prevailed, so the former-Jet, Chief, and lifelong Patriots-hater was left to endure this punishment.

Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed.


“An Ode to the G.O.A.T.” by Mark Paulette, as recited by Mike DeVito –

“Oh, my dear Tommy, for too long I have denied my inner feelings. Too long have I masked my amazement and told myself you were simply unappealing. 

But I cannot stay quiet a moment longer, as my truest and purest emotions continue to grow stronger.

With surgical precision you carved through my Chiefs; I wanted to loath you, but alas, you have stolen my heart, you beautiful, gentle thief.

After years of denial and being ground by your heel, it is time to profess my love. Please, do not judge me, for I cannot help how I feel.

Dear Tommy, you are greatness, for it is that simple. From your rings to your records to your adorable chin dimple.

I count myself blessed to have shared a field in your presence; the thought of those days makes me filled with effervescence.

Never again shall I speak your name in vain. You are the GOAT, dear Tommy, my hatred has been slain.”

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