Super Bowl Sunday pregame alternatives

By Mark Paulette,

This article was inspired by “Boycott Bowl,” or “Boycott Dat,” a movement sweeping New Orleans which includes several local bars refusing to show Super Bowl coverage from noon-to-10pm on Sunday in response to the controversial NFC Championship.

While all of New England — or at least us respectable folk — will be tuned into CBS on Sunday night from 6:40-10:30pm, if you’re like me, you couldn’t really care less about the hours of meaningless x’s and o’s on the various pregame shows. And oh boy are those meaningless x’s and o’s taken to a different level on Super Bowl Sunday.

NFL Network is offering their pregame show, ‘NFL GameDay,’ for the equivalent of the average American workday from 9am-to-5pm on Sunday. CBS will provide 7-hours of pregaming, weaving in various programming before a 4-hour edition of ‘Super Bowl Today’ from 2-6pm, with the ‘Kick Off Show’ until 6:40. And if that’s not enough, ESPN will roll out a modest 4-hour version of their ‘Postseason NFL Countdown’ from 10am-to-2pm.

So if you’re looking for an escape from Super Bowl 53 before the game even kicks off, here’s a few of your viewing options during Sunday afternoon and evening:

Editor’s note:

While many may think they can find the Lingerie Bowl on the dial sometime Sunday afternoon, that is no longer the case. I can’t confess to ever actually tuning in to one of these spectacles, so it came as a semi-surprise when a quick Google search revealed that Lingerie Football’s biggest game no longer takes place on Super Bowl Sunday.

In fact, it appears the LFL ran into some financial troubles all together, and now the “LFL/US Legends Cup” is played on September 7th, 2019. So if you’re interested, mark your calendars.

Now to the candidates:

Puppy Bowl XV –

Airing every Super Bowl Sunday on Animal Planet, the Puppy Bowl has grown from a cult following to a national staple. This Sunday you can strap in from 3-5pm and watch 93 furry competitors from “Team Fluff” and “Team Ruff” ‘battle’ for the Lombarky Trophy. As a bonus, if any of the participants catch your eye, all pups are adoptable.

Kitten Bowl VI –

I was unaware this one existed. Airing from 2-4pm on Hallmark Channel, the Kitten Bowl features 36 friendly felines duking it out for kitty supremacy.

*Also, this year is the first-ever ‘Cat Bowl,’ which premiers Saturday at 10pm on Hallmark Channel and features the senior circuit of the cat world.

TV Marathons –

Super Bowl Sunday is always a good day to binge watch any shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on. A quick look at forecasts marathons of classics like ‘Impractical Jokers’ and ‘The Office,’ while there’s even a ‘Home Improvement’ marathon for you throwbacks. The Harry Potter series can be found on pretty much every other channel throughout the day, and there’s always Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. where you can find whatever you want to kill the afternoon and fast forward to kick off.

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