Fearless Patriots NFL Draft predictions

By Sterling Pingree

There’s almost no way to predict what Bill Belichick is going to do in the NFL Draft. The Hood has four picks in the first two rounds and the only prediction that seems reasonable to make is that most likely, the Patriots will not make all of those picks. With very little chance of success in predicting what the Patriots will do, I find it freeing to make wild predictions about prospects that might wear “Do Your Job” hats this week.

The Patriots will take a quarterback, not named Lamar Jackson.

The Pats are capable of anything, but drafting the 2016 Heisman winner still seems a bridge too far. Not so much because of his talent as some have called Jackson the most talented player in this draft, but I have a hard time imagining the Patriots taking a quarterback in the first round. The expectation of any quarterback the team drafts is going to be that he is the heir apparent to Tom Brady, doesn’t that get magnified if that “Next Guy” is taken in the first round?

If I had to guess at which signal caller the Patriots will take, I’ll go with Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma St. They had him in for another meeting, some have predicted that Rudolph could go in the first, some think the second round. My guess is that he falls to the second round and the Patriots take him, to which the reaction is that none of the experts can believe that he was still available at the spot the Patriots draft him at and that the Patriots have “done it again”.

– Are the Patriots going to trade up? Not likely, but if they did, it would be for……..

Notre Dame tackle Quenton Nelson. Look, nobody can agree on who likes which quarterback better or who will have a better career, should  someone take Bradley Chubb or Saquan Barkley number one? But the one thing that everybody seems in agreement on is that Quenton Nelson is going to play 15-years in the league and will wind up in the Hall of Fame when he’s done. The Patriots lost Nate Solder to free agency and since the team drafted Logan Mankins in 2005, they have had an anchor on the offensive line. This is a complete stretch, as most mock drafts have Nelson going in the top 8, but if the Patriots did do something exciting like move up into the top 10, they’re not walking out with a skill position guy, they’re walking to Canton with the best OL prospect of a generation.

– Belichick will go with Dallas…….Goedert

Just go watch highlights from the tight end of the North Dakota St. Jack Rabbits and you’ll see why. In a day and age where most tight ends look more like oversized slot receivers and play like one to boot, Goedert is a throw back to big middle of the field targets who can block like hell as well. Concensus is that Goedert is one of the top three tight ends in the draft and he could go in the first round. It wouldn’t shock me if the Patriots picked him up with pick number 31.


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