Never forget: The one year championship experience of Martellus Bennett the Patriot

By Sterling Pingree

With the Patriots trade for tight end Dwayne Allen, it appears that Martellus Bennett’s time in New England has come to an end. We have been prepared for this moment since his post tense speech at the victory parade and his statement that “Super Bowl champions get paid.” I don’t want to belabor this quote any more than I already have; during my Patriots free agency preview I classified Bennett in the “No Chance in Hell” group. Instead of feeling remorseful over the break up, let’s instead celebrate the good times we had with the author of the Imagination Agency, one helluva tight end and arguably the most quotable Patriot we’ve ever seen. Here are the best quotes from Martellus Bennett’s season in New England.

When speaking about how he’d fit in with the Patriots Bennett said: “Dr. Seuss said, ‘No one can be you-er than you. ‘Oscar Wilde said, ‘Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.’ I can only be one person. I just try and continue to be who I am and don’t change that. I’m a little chameleon. I just try and fit in wherever I am. When you’re authentic, people appreciate that.”

When Bennett was asked about working out in preseason with Brady and Garoppolo and how tough it is to get to know two quarterbacks he’s never play with before he said “I’ve dated two girls at the same time before.” Well then.

Bennett brought toughness and physicality to the Patriots and this was exemplified on Monday Night Football in front of Sean McDonough and everybody when he wrestled a touchdown pass away from a Ravens defender, after the game he said, “I had it. I had it. Sometimes there’s one slice of pizza left and there’s two hands to reach into the box. I’m always going to get the last slice. Unless it’s my wife’s hand. Then I’ll let her get it.”

Bennett could be incredibly profound, like when he said, “Only thing I can control is what’s going on with my body – cut my grass before I cut someone else’s. I use that analogy because a lot of people tend to other people’s gardens and never worry about the weeds in their own garden. Therefore your garden gets overflowed with weeds and your flowers die.”

We’ll remember Marty Bennett for dancing with cheerleaders after the AFC championship game, for making confetti snow angels with his daughter after the Super Bowl, but I’ll also remember how close he was to scoring the winning touchdown in overtime. We had a fun year with Martellus Bennett and his one championship season cameo in New England will be remembered much like those of: Jonny Gomes, Darrelle Revis, Orlando Cabrera, James Posey and Chris Long.

If you’re still feeling sad, here are some parting words from Bennett that may make you feel better, and may also make you hungry. “You kind of just wash it away, spilled milk you don’t put it back in the jug you just clean it up and pour you another bowl.”

We had our bowl with Bennett, and it was super.


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