“The Steelers are coming, the Steelers are coming!”

By Mark Paulette


It was a bitter winter’s eve when the first shot was fired. “We’ve already given those a******s a day and a half,” bellowed the enemy’s leader to his troops stood waiting to be inspired. Though, unbeknownst to him, his ranks had been infiltrated by 35,000 people viewing a live stream, courtesy of a naïve, self-absorbed flanker. Word of the General’s rallying cry spread throughout chat rooms and media outlets alike, and even penetrated the heavily fortified ally encampment at Foxboro, located 50 clicks south of the Mass Pike. It became chillingly evident of the storm which was forthcoming. Jeff Solari took to the streets and shouted with a panic, “the Steelers are coming, the Steelers are coming!”

Indeed, it was so. The Black and Yellow Army set out to march upon New England and with them carried an arsenal the likes of which we did not know. With killer B’s capable of dismantling the top defense, there was little any could do to prepare, other than take to the lighthouse at Gillette, and signal one if by ground, two if by air. (No, this is not the source of another Patriots’ cheating scandal. Rather, a cheeky historical reference.)

With the battle to ensue, the ‘Patriots’ as they were known, turned from the public’s questioning, and into the garrison they withdrew. It was at this moment, when the prospect of hope was bleak, that these Patriots remembered they were the side to beat.

For it was not the Black and Yellow Army which ruled these lands and has gone to the Conference Championship a record six times in a row. Was it they who were entrenched in the greatest empire the game had ever witnessed? The answer was no. It is these Patriots, led by their founding fathers of Kraft, Belichick and the GOAT, who have conquered this sport when all others could do was choke.

One day, this dynasty will meet its end. That is a fact we cannot dispute. But that day will not come Sunday, for the Pats shall once again hoist the Lamar Hunt trophy, adjacent to the nation’s first Route.


Side Notes:

  • Tom Brady is 8-2 in his career against Pittsburgh, (2-0 in the playoffs), with 24 touchdowns, three interceptions and a quarterback rating of 113.
  • Brady’s current streak of 6 games against Pittsburgh with at least two touchdowns and zero interceptions is the longest such streak of its kind in NFL history.
  • The Steelers haven’t picked Brady off since 2005.
  • Mike Tomlin is 1-5 against Tom Brady.
  • Brady and Belichick are 5-1 at home in AFC Championship games together.


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