2016 was a bust; We’re onto 2017

By Sterling Pingree

It can be fun to look back at the year that was, especially in sports. You think of great games, great moments and victories you’ll never forget. These years get tethered with iconic images like: Carlton Fisk’s home run was in 1975, the ’86 Celtics and 2004 was the curse busting Red Sox. What will I remember about 2016? Most likely, that it kinda sucked.

2016 started with the Patriots losing the AFC championship game in Denver, how’s that for a beginning? Then Tom Brady got suspended for 4 games and Gronk only played 8 games. Put it this way, I’m happy that the Patriots don’t have any more games in 2016.

PEYTON MANNING WON A SUPER BOWL THIS YEAR! That alone should be enough to package up 2016, tie it to a 5 gallon pail full of cement and drop it into the Penobscot River. I sound like Jeff Solari, this is how 2016 has left me.

The Red Sox started the year with David Price in the rotation, Craig Kimbrel in the bullpen and some pretty high expectations. Then Eduardo Rodriguez’s knee became tender, our big money and big bellied third basemen went on the DL with busted torso hardware and David Price decided that first impressions were overrated. Now you’re probably saying: “Sterling, 2016 gave us a near MVP campaign from Mookie Betts, a Cy Young award for Rick freakin Porcello and the Chris Sale trade.” Those are valid points, but to that I would say: “In 2016, David Ortiz stopped playing baseball games.”

2016 wasn’t the year that Danny Ainge finally spent draft picks and assets like he was Mark Paulette spending money in Cleveland. It wasn’t the year we convinced Kevin Durant to come to Boston. It wasn’t the year we won the Draft Lottery and it also wasn’t the year the Celtics won a playoff series.

My favorite sports moment of the year might have been Kris Jenkins buzzer beater to beat North Carolina in the NCAA title game. What does that say for a year, that my favorite moment was rooting for Carolina to lose?


In 2016, we lost Muhammed Ali. We lost Gordie Howe. We lost Arnold Palmer. Look at those three nicknames alone: “The Greatest of All-Time, “Mr. Hockey” and “The King”. That could be ¾ of anybody’s sporting Mount Rushmore. We lost Pat Summit, Buddy Ryan and Dennis Green.


Craig Sager.


Jose Fernandez.


We’re a day away from being done with 2016 and to paraphrase Bill Belichick, I think it’s safe to say that “We’re onto 2017.”


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