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The Greatest team in NBA history? Hard to beat the 1986 Celtics.

One of those age old arguments that make sports so much fun is pontificating about who would win if teams who dominated 30 years apart were to hook it up for a best of seven series. With the Golden State Warriors running through the league to the tune of 73-wins this season, they have launched themselves into the stratosphere of all-time great teams. (That is if they take care of business and win game 6 or 7 versus Cleveland. I can’t imagine that they won’t, if they don’t it’ll be the first time they have lost 3 games in a row since November…….2013!) In this area, the argument for greatest team in NBA history generally breezes past the 72-win 1996 Chicago Bulls and goes right to the holy grail of the 1986 Boston Celtics. Bird, McHale, Parish, Ainge, DJ and Walton off the bench. We’ve had a lot of fun debating the finer points of this hypothetical on The Drive: how would the Celtics defend the outside shooting of the Warriors? How would the Warriors deal with the greatest front court in NBA history? What would the tempo be and who would that favor? To get the official word on this debate, we went to the dean of basketball writers, Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe. Hear his take on this dream match up, as well as his thoughts on the Red Sox and also find out what his favorite sport to cover is. (It may surprise you.)


Bob Ryan

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