The Drive AUDIO: Paul Perillo Patriots Football Weekly 4/19/2016


Belichick combine

What will Belichick do in the NFL Draft? Hard to figure what the Hood is going to do on Draft Day, when it eventually gets here for the Patriots.

Who won the Super Bowl this year?

I don’t really remember, the new league year has started in the NFL and we are just over two weeks away from the start of the NFL Draft. The wait is longer for Patriot fans however, since Roger absconded with the Patriots first round pick. Not only did he take the pick away from the Patriots, he took away the enjoyment from millions of Patriots fans for an entire day. We’re locked out! The entire first round is a celebration of the NFL and Patriots fans will be rooting for studs to fall quicker than the price of Dominique Easley rookie cards. (Happened last year when Malcom Brown fell all the way to the end of the first round.)

To get ready for the NFL Draft, Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joined Aaron Jackson and Jim Churchill to discuss possibilities for what the Pats might do in the 2016 Draft.

Paul Perillo

Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly @PFWPaul on Twitter



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