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A pure and pleasant hatred: the most detestable opponents in Boston sports

By Sterling Pingree There are inalienable rights as a sports fan. You have your favorite teams, you have your favorite players and you most likely have a favorite season. But deep down (perhaps in the place you don’t talk about at parties) sports fans also engender hatred for certain players. In Boston sports there have […]

The Drive Audio: Dalen Cuff Live from the Rio Olympics

We are smack dab in the middle of the Rio Summer Olympics and nobody is more in the midst of all the action than Dalen Cuff of Comcast Sports Net New England. Dalen joined Jim Churchill, Aaron Jackson and guest host Larry Mahoney from Rio with a full report from the games.       […]

How I’d Make the Olympics More Exciting by Sterling Pingree

The Olympics are coming up in Rio, allege. There might not be police, the venues might not be done and oh yeah the train system is scheduled to be done 4 days before the opening ceremonies. I want to get excited for the competition though, I really do. But with so many athletes bowing out […]