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Bob Ryan discusses Eck & the Vanderbilt guy, Chris Sale and BARTMAN

The “Quintessential American Sports Writer” Bob Ryan joined the show on Wednesday and he was firing on all cylinders. Jeff Solari, Sterling Pingree and Mark Paulette threw out topics such as: Dennis Eckersley’s altercation with “The Vanderbilt Guy”, who Chris Sale reminds him of most in terms of his integrity (the answer will astound you) […]

Dan Shaughnessy on the David Price/Dennis Eckersley altercation

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy reignited the fire storm around the David Price/Dennis Eckersley altercation on an airplane last month. Shaughnessy’s piece is very detailed and well researched. Hear his thoughts on the issue with the Boston Red Sox here as he spoke with Mark Paulette, Jeff Solari and Aaron Jackson.   Catch The Drive, […]