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Jackson 5: Ballpark eats; from cotton candy creations to rocky mountain oysters

In what’s become perhaps my favorite running bit for the Jackson 5, it’s time for my annual segment of Would. You. Eat. This?! This is where I describe the latest culinary monstrosities that major league ballparks will be serving and ask if it’s something others would eat.

Patriots free agency preview part II: Price is Right

Last week, I ran through the Patriots internal free agents that I believe will be returning to the team and next week, it is those that I think have zero chance of coming back to New England. This week resides somewhere in the middle of the two, the group that Rob Roddy and Bob Barker would approve of. This is the group that could return iffffffff the Price is Right!!!

J5: Sox surprises for 2019

Last week in the Jackson 5 I talked about 5 of the biggest questions the Boston Red Sox face in the 2019 spring training. Continuing on that spring feel, let’s take a look at five players that could possibly answer some of those questions, or at the very least surprise some people.   Darwinzon Hernandez: […]