Jackson 5: NFL Divisional Round

By Aaron Jackson,

Four more games this week in the NFL, with a trip to the conference championship on the line. Unlike the regular season, I currently lead The Drive picks heading into this round, which means I should keep the momentum going into this week’s slate of games. Here are my picks:

Colts @ Chiefs Saturday 4:35: Indy was quite a surprise in their game against Houston, beating them fairly easily after taking a big lead early. I’m a believer now, but not enough to pick them against Kansas City. The Chiefs are vulnerable, so I’ll say there’s a 35-percent chance it could happen, but that’s certainly not enough confidence for me to pick them. Chiefs win a hard fought affair.

Cowboys @ Rams Saturday 8:15: Frankly I don’t think that Dallas is good enough to be on the same field as L.A., but that’s working on the assumption that the Rams are playing at full capacity. I’m going to assume they’re not based on the last month of games, but even at 75% I think they’re the better team. This game could be a blowout if Los Angeles brings their A-game.

Chargers @ Patriots Sunday 1:05: LA’s other team is a worst case scenario for New England, making life that much for difficult for Tom Brady and company. Phillip Rivers has yet to beat Brady, which means he’ll have a pretty big chip on his shoulder, not that he already didn’t. In my original picks I had this game in the next round, with New England squeaking it out. I’m going to stick with that prediction because I don’t think Melvin Gordon is healthy. If he comes to play and looks good this could go a very bad direction for Pats fans.

Eagles @ Saints Sunday 4:40: All this love for Nick Foles ends Sunday. Listen, he’s always been a good quarterback for short stretches, but eventually things even out, and that’s what’s going to happen this weekend. New Orleans is just too good to lose to a Philly squad that’s good, but not great. I think this game could be a blowout.

Wild Card: Last week I said Clemson would beat Alabama, and while I had very little evidence to back up my prediction, it happened. So this week I’ll give you a slightly less bold one, or perhaps more bold depending on how you view the situation… Craig Kimbrel will be signing with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. With Mike Trout and Albert Pujols not getting any younger, and Shohei Ohtani now in the fold, the Angels have a window of opportunity where they either have to strike or give up. I don’t foresee the latter which means they’ll need to bolster their roster, and Kimbrel is the big name that could do it.

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