Fantasy Football: It’s Becoming Too Much

By Matthew Cunha

I have jumped fully on board the train of fantasy football this season. I am the proud owner of 5 teams, 2 money leagues, the town square pick ‘em poll and the Drive for Five competition. Large portions of my time goes into making roster adjustments and analyzing match ups. After being a fantasy freak for years I’ve finally reached the breaking point.

It’s too much. I can’t take it anymore. The cheering contradictions take away from the overall experience of football, I’ve finally reached the saturation point. I’ll be cheering for a guy and then come to the realization he screwed me in another league. A late minute score from one of my players can benefit me in fantasy, but hurt my picks. Then there is cheering for players playing against the Patriots or cheering against Patriots players you are facing. All kinds of messy contradictions arise in this scenario.

For the first eight years of my fantasy experience I limited myself to one league, I was monogamous. The user experience of football was forever enhanced as I got to know and actively cheer for one quarterback, two wide receivers, two running back, a flex, a TE, a defense, and a kicker. I became crazy about it. I learned different strategies and became a solid performer who routinely made the playoffs and emerged victorious one year.

When I left for college, I got roped into my second league by my roommate while also joining a league from my hometown. The three league lifestyle worked for the most part over a couple of years. It was a lot but not too much. This year I went over the top. My fellow sports journalism students roped me into a league while executive producer of “The Drive” Mark Paulette roped me into another one. The Town Square pool and The Drive for Five picks rounds out my football responsibilities every week.

Fantasy Football has become more of a chore than anything for me this year being in 5 leagues. A successful team is active on the waiver wire and I don’t feel like being that active. It’s week 8 and I am just tired of it. I don’t have my one group of guys to cheer for; heck I don’t even know what I want to happen on a given play let alone a game, weekend or season for that matter. Without knowing my rooting interest game to game, I’m not sure if I’m enjoying the game of football anymore.

My advice to anyone would be to limit yourselves to just two leagues. Any more than that can kill the experience for you. It becomes too much to handle and the fun in football gets sucked out like a vacuum. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t go overboard. Stick with your few leagues and enjoy sitting down on the couch to watch football every Sunday.

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