Celtics vs Wizards Game 5: from the brilliant mind of Mark

By Mark Paulette

The Boston Celtics 2017 season is at a crossroads. Rather than mindlessly breaking down analytics like I know what I’m talking about, allow me to crack open a cold one…invariably of the fruity variety…and share with you my most random thoughts on all things “Team Green”.

Pregame observations: Why is there a member of Kyrie Irving’s ‘Uncle Drew’ league on the court? Oh, wait, that’s Amir Johnson. Am I alone in thinking it’s time to give the 12-year vet the Derby Horse treatment and send him to the great court in the sky? Maybe a bit far…but watching him struggle to keep pace with Jae Crowder’s Elaine Benes dance during team introductions is just sad. Time to start a Go-Fund Me account to send Ole’ Amir to the Greg Oden/Yao Ming ranch where he can graze free-range for the remainder of his basketball life.

Q1, 7:25, BOS – 13, WAS – 4: Wooo! Take that, Wiz’es! 13-0 run. Anything you can do; we can do 50-percent of!

Q1, 4:47, BOS – 20, WAS – 8: DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME, OR DID AMIR JOHNSON JUST THROW DOWN AN ALLEY-OOP?! I’m deeply sorry, Amir. I take back my prior spiel. In other news, a small star just imploded as the universe attempts to balance itself.

Top 1st, BOS – 0, MIL – 0: I wonder who has bigger biceps? Mike DeVito or Eric Tham…crap, wrong game.

End of One, BOS – 33, WAS – 21: The Garden is rocking and Bob Kraft is donning a cardigan and chugging wine like a Real Housewife of Orange County. All is well in the 617.

Q2,10:11, BOS – 38, WAS – 23: Kelly Olynyk called for charge. Kelly Oubre Jr. manages not to charge at him like Gronk making a Wrestlemania cameo while Draymond Green conferences in Adam Silver, pleading for a lifetime ban of the Canadian.

Q2, 6:33, BOS – 46, WAS – 28: Julian Edelman shown sitting courtside. *Matt Harvey finds nearest NYC pub and asks for everything on the top shelf to be poured into a Gatorade bucket. Hands bartender a stack of Ben Franklins and says, ‘I was never here.’

Q2, 3:55, BOS – 55, WAS – 33: Celtics have managed to build a lead large enough to withstand one Washington run


Halftime observations: Avery Bradley – 25 points, 4 three pointers, two hip pointers. Take that Kirk Gibson. Elsewhere, it’s nice to see LeGarrette Blount sitting courtside. Glad to know Bill allowed him to leave Patriot purgatory for a few hours after locking him in the dungeons of Gillette today and throwing away the key.

Q3, 5:54, BOS – 81, WAS – 64: Welp…missed the first half of the third quarter watching the Sox. Shame, I’m sure I would’ve had so many clever things to say.

Q3, 4:41, BOS – 83, WAS – 69: Not one, not two, but three straight points from the Wiz-ARDS. (Shout-out to Sterling Pingree). Good effort Celtics, here comes the Washington third quarter run.  

End of Third, BOS – 93, WAS – 76: Life advice of the day – Forget the game and take a moment to let the golden voice of Ian Eagle tickle your eardrums.

Q4, 8:38, BOS – 107, WAS – 81: I don’t have the fancy stats in front of me. After all, I’m not Jeff Solari. But, me thinks the Celtics have led as long in this game-5 as they had the entire series combined entering tonight.

Q4, 7:23, BOS – 110, WAS – 87: To paraphrase from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ “every time Terry Rozier smiles, an angel gets its wings.” Sorry if that took a weird turn. He’s simply adorable. And no, the fruity drinks aren’t taking hold.

Q4, 4:21, BOS – 114, WAS – 90: BENCHES CLEAR!! Oh, never mind, that’s just the subs coming in. Damn, I got all excited for some wrasslin’.

FINAL SCORE: BOS – 123, WAS – 101

Postgame reaction: Well, after game two I thought the series was over, then after game four I thought the series was over again. What the hell do I think now? If I had to bet, I’d say the Celtics take the series in seven and earn the right to get steamrolled by Cleveland. What I will say with certainty…one of these two teams will in fact win the series.


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