Jackson 5: Super Bowl thoughts and memories

By Aaron Jackson


Welcome to the days after the Super Bowl. A day that should be a national holiday, and right now in New England, probably the least productive for employers across the region. In that spirit, here is a very lackluster running diary of my thoughts as Super Bowl LI progressed.

  1. (After the pick 6 that gave Atlanta a 21-0 lead) “Don’t worry, Belichick and the Patriots planned this. It’s in their game plan. When you’ve won 4 Super Bowls you have to do something to keep them interesting.”
  2. (After the Tevin Coleman touchdown to make it 28-3) “You know, I’m kind of happy I don’t have to be on The Drive tomorrow. I hate funerals.” Minutes later after grabbing yet another wing. “I’m not even hungry at this point I’m just eating my feelings.”
  3. (After James White touchdown to make it 28-9) “When the Patriots come back and lose because they needed to convert back to back two point conversions, Stephen Gostkowski is no longer allowed in New England.”
  4. This next parts all kinds of run together in my head, but it went something like this.

(After Edelman catch) “Sweet baby Jesus. Did he really do that? He did? HE DID!”
(After the Pats score 19 unanswered in the 4th to tie the game, then win it in overtime)


  1. (During trophy ceremony) “BOOOOO (stop to hear what Goodell is saying, only to realize the crowd is booing him so loudly you can’t) (begin laughing maniacally.)
    “Do you think Goodell will immediately burst into flames when he hands Brady the MVP trophy? Or will it be a slow gradual burn.”


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