Jackson 5: Super Bowl prop bets

By Aaron Jackson

Super Bowl 51 is now just days away, and as we get ready for what is hopefully the Patriots’ 5th title, I thought it might be a good idea to help people make some money. This is the part where I say that The Drive does not condone gambling in any way, shape or form, yada yada yada. BUT if you’ve got a buddy headed to Vegas this coming weekend or wanted to nab a quick buck from your friends on Sunday, these are sure fire money makers in my mind.


  1. What will Luke Bryan be wearing when he starts singing the U.S. national anthem? This is a no brainer right? The choices are blue jeans at 1:2 odds, or any other pants or shorts at 3:2 odds. Even if you don’t like country you know that Luke Bryan is a star in the genre, and what do country singers wear? Blue jeans. In the words of the Steve Miller Band, “Go on, take the money and run.” BONUS BET: I also love the over under on how long Bryan takes to perform the National Anthem, currently set at 2:15. The average National Anthem at a sporting event takes a little under two minutes, and Bryan is no Celine Dion or Mariah Carey. Take the under.
  2. Total receptions by Mohamed Sanu: Over/Under 4. The Patriots are known for taking away an opponent’s best player, or at least limiting their impact on the game. That player is Julio Jones. But I have no doubt the Atlanta Falcons are going to get theirs when it comes to points and moving the ball, so someone has to pick up the slack. Taylor Gabriel could be that guy, but my money is on Sanu having a big game with well over 4 catches.
  3. Which QBs throw for more than 300 yards? Brady, Ryan, both, or neither? This game has the highest over under for total points (59) ever for a Super Bowl. And both teams LOVE to throw the ball. I expect both will get there, and perhaps one may even approach 400.
  4. Will Donald Trump tweet about the game sometime on Sunday? Is this even a real question? Is Vegas trying to give money away? The over/under on this should be 5, but it’s a simple yes or no prop bet. Take the YES!!! The only way it doesn’t happen is if Trump has seen this, flies to Vegas, and puts his entire life savings on No. Even then I’m not sure I’d trust him to have the self-control not to tweet at least once. It’s what the man does.
  1. Will an extra point be missed during the game? I like yes on this one. Stephen Gostkowski is no longer Mr. Reliable, and extra points aren’t as easy as they used to be. Two were missed during Patriots/Steelers, and for those of you saying “Gostkowski just needs pressure on him”, remember what happened last year against the Denver Broncos in the AFC title game. I’m betting at least one extra point goes wide.


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