Three reasons why a Patriots Super Bowl win would be so sweet in 2017

By Matthew Cunha

With three weeks left in the regular season, I am ready for some postseason football. I got thinking about what a Super Bowl win would mean for the Patriots in 2017 and I came to the realization that it would be just plain awesome. Just complete awesomeness.

Here are my three reasons why it would be so great.


  1. G.O.A.T: Nothing says it better than that. Tom Brady is the Greatest Of All Time and every Patriots fan knows it. However, a record fifth Super Bowl would undeniably give Brady the title across the country. The argument would be laid to rest once and for all. The league is about winning Super Bowls and having the record for most Super Bowl wins as a quarterback would give Patriots fans a trump card in the GOAT argument. One more title than Montana and Bradshaw creates a stratosphere we’ve only imagined.


  1. WATCHING ROGER GOODELL HAND THE TROPHY OVER: Nothing would be better than watching the punk they call the commissioner of the league hand over the Lombardi Trophy. I vote Tom Brady is the first to touch it. Remember people, Goodell saw some stupid ball pressure issue as a 4 game suspension. Similar to what many NFL players get for domestic violence arrests. When the Steelers were accused of doing the same thing last week, do you know what happened? Absolutely nothing happen! Goodell went on a Patriots witch hunt and wouldn’t stop until his appetite for blood was satiated. Watching him hand over the 5th Super Bowl trophy to the Pats in 16 years would be the greatest single moment in my 21 years of existence.


  1. THE FUTURE: Ok, not that Tom Brady would retire, but you would have think that at the age of 39 and with the most Super Bowls of any starting quarterback, it would at least enter his mind. His retirement would allow Jimmy G to step in and create, I think, a successful transition at the quarterback position. If what we saw from him in the first two games was who he was, the Patriots could be good for another decade. 10 more of years of the consistency we have seen over the past 16 years would make for one of the greatest legacies and sports runs in history.


Let’s hope come February 5th at about 10 o’clock that these fantasies become realities.


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