Why can’t UMaine hockey win on the road?

By Jeff Solari




Is this a combination to a lock? Half of a winning Powerball ticket? Secret numbers on LOST?


No. This is the road record for the University of Maine hockey team for the past three plus seasons.


That my friend is not just a bump in the road.  The Black Bears have dropped the puck on 57 games in other team’s buildings and won just 9 times since the beginning of 2013.  Grey squirrels have a better track record of success on the road. Which is to say this hockey program has indeed been road kill every time they have left Orono during the majority of Obama’s second term.


What’s more stunning is six of those wins came in one season while none have come yet this year after the 0-1-1 weekend at Vermont.


Look, I know it’s hard to win on the road or shall we say, travel is a tough road to hoe? That’s true in every sport, but this program once dominated both home and away.  Now, road trips most often result in road rash from the butt kickings they receive once they cross over the Piscataqua River Bridge.


I think Black Bear faithful can agree we need to get this show on the road. Maybe time for head coach Red Gendron to try something different. Earlier curfew? Wheaties for breakfast? Watch Miracle before every road game? Maybe stay at a Holiday Inn Express where at least they can wake up and believe they are a competitive road hockey team?


I’m not sure what the answer is but someone needs to find it, because while the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to the postseason is paved with wins.


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