A Sterling Moment: Brady’s Back by Sterling Pingree

The following piece is from a segment on The Drive, it is read by Sterling Pingree. Generally this is read to a song. The return of Tom Brady required an epic opening/music bed. PVC Mark Paulette created the greatest open of all-time. Check out the audio from the originally airing above, or read for yourself below.


It’s over, it’s all over. This national nightmare that was Delfategate is over. No more suspension, no more ESPN analysts crying over PSI. Tom Brady is back….let’s drink that in for a moment. It’s going to be great to see 12 back on the field, where he should be. Where he should have always been. Brady has carried a chip on his shoulder for 16 years because he was selected in the 6th round. Imagine the one that’ll reside on the other shoulder now that the League and Roger Goodell have attempted to sully his reputation and drag his well-earned good name through the mud for the dumbest reason an athlete has ever been suspended for. The NFL says that it’s adapting the rules to help promote player safety, but it’s been clear to most in New England that the Commish was targeting the Quarterback on this play.

The last 4 weeks have been very interesting as a Patriots fan. We had an unproven back up, and when he started to look good (I mean, REAL good) he got hurt (What is this, Dallas?), then a rookie QB won a game. It was like Patriots fans were treated to a bizarre fantasy camp where we found out what it was like to be Eagles fans for a month. (Easy Philly fans, I know you’re 3-0, but sadly I’m starting Carson Wentz this week and the way my fantasy season is going, this gravy train is about to take a dirt road, hard.)

Deflategate started in January of 2015, when the Colts and Ravens started swapping emails about how much they hated the Patriots. Since this started the Ravens have gone 8-12. The Colts have gone 9-11. The Patriots have gone 15-5. The best comparison to this procedural abomination is a Road Runner cartoon. Wile E. Coyote keeps setting traps for the Road Runner and the Road Runner just does what he does and keeps running. (If you think about it, the Road Runner is a little like Forest Gump. But that’s a different metaphor.) No matter how much dynamite or how many tunnels the Coyote paints on the sides of rock cliffs, the Road Runner keeps on going and the Coyote ends up singed, embarrassed and defeated. That’s how the commissioner should feel right now, this fake tunnel was painted on the road to the Super Bowl with Goodell’s anticipation that the Pats would splatter into mediocrity. (Did you know the NFL is designed for parity?)

After a month of honoring David Ortiz, we’ve been faced with how strange it’s going to be without #34 in the middle of the lineup for the first time in 14 years. That’s what was so weird about the suspension, it was that Brady has been such a staple of the Patriots for so long and suddenly, he wasn’t there. He wasn’t on the sideline, he wasn’t at practice, he was gone. That was the hard thing for Patriots fans to deal with, but now the suspension is over, and it’s the Patriots that are going to be real hard to deal with.


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