The Drive AUDIO: Bill “Spaceman” Lee

Bill Lee

Bill “Spaceman” Lee pitched 10 seasons in Boston before finishing his career in Montreal. Lee announced this week that he is running for Governor of Vermont as part of the Liberty Union, the same group that Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders made his name for in the 1970’s.


Typically when people are called outspoken, it’s a subtle way of saying that they’re loud or obnoxious. Bill Lee has always been outspoken but nobody is more entertaining or more informed than the “Spaceman”. Lee was a journalist’s dream, always prepared to talk about baseball, politics, space exploration, and everything else that could fill a journalist’s notebook. Lee was seen as counter culture because he was an athlete that was often seen reading books in the club house or riding his bicycle to the ballpark. Now he would be considered well read and green. This past week Bill Lee announced that he would be running for Governor of Vermont and he took some time from meeting with his constituents to talk to us on The Drive. Check out the full audio below of one of our favorite segments ever!




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