The Drive AUDIO: Chris Price 4/29/2016

Alabama v Mississippi State

The wait for the Patriots to make their first pick may have been long, but New England may have found a play maker in Alabama CB Cyrus Jones.

One thing we know is that predicting what the Patriots are going to do in the NFL Draft is next to impossible. You may be able to predict a position (raise your hand if you thought the Patriots would draft a running back), but figuring who that is before the draft? Diagramming cold fusion using grains of sand might be easier. While looking for threads in the logic of Bill Belichick can be fascinating, it’s a lot like trying to read deep meanings into Beatles records after Rubber Soul. (Speaking of which, did you know if you play Super Bowl 49 backwards Al Michaels says that Aaron Hernandez is actually playing for Calgary in the CFL?) All of that being said, I don’t want to brag but, the Patriots actually took one of the three players I named in my draft preview, Alabama CB Cyrus Jones at number 60 overall. This is the first time I’ve ever predicted a Patriots draft choice correctly and I attribute it to segments on The Drive with insiders like Chris Price of, who joined us on Friday. He mapped out where the Patriots might go in rounds two through seven and drew some lines to some likely possibilities such as: the Belichick-Saban connection. Check out the audio below with Chris before round two of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Chris Price

Chris Price (@CPriceNFL on Twitter)


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